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The National Works Agency (NWA) is implementing a $50 million Urban Traffic Management Programme, which is designed to reduce congestion along major thoroughfares in Kingston and St. Andrew.
Speaking with JIS News, Communication Manager at the NWA, Stephen Shaw said, “we have looked at the Kingston Metropolitan Area and we have determined that there are quite a number of intersections .where we need to pay particular attention in order to minimize the problem of congestion.” “To this end,” he said, “we developed a programme where several crucial intersections will be signalised. other roadways may be converted to.a particular direction or will be closed off altogether at some intersections.”
He noted that already, new set of signals have been put in place at the Dunrobin intersection, as well as Seaward Drive at Molynes Road, and the NWA has been receiving positive feedback from this move. “Our customers have noticed significant changes and we have received positive feedback from the public.for example, people (are) using less time to go to different points across the city,” he said.
Turning to Knutsford Boulevard where traffic lights are slated to be turned on, Mr. Shaw said, “we still have work to do along the roadway before we commission the lights into service. Before the end of July, motorists will have the benefit of the traffic lights.”
He indicated that the lights will be interlinked to ensure a smooth flow of traffic through New Kingston, which experiences a lot of congestion, especially during peak hours.
In addition to reducing congestion, the Urban Traffic Management Programme aims to lessen the likelihood of collisions and increase road capacity. In addition, “it saves on fuel consumption. from the ‘wear and tear’ of vehicles and ultimately it saves the economy some money,” Mr. Shaw told JIS News.
While the programme is currently underway in Kingston and St. Andrew only, plans are to extend it to Montego Bay in St. James in keeping with the NWA’s mandate to plan, build and maintain a reliable, safe and efficient main road network.

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