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Community Relations Officer for the National Works Agency (NWA) western office, Janel Rickets, says the entity is engaged in clearing drains that were blocked as a result of flood rains in St. James on Saturday (January 9).

She noted that work is being undertaken along the roadway from Lethe to Long Hill, which was the area most impacted by the flooding.

The flood rains caused several motorists to be stranded along the thoroughfare. Communities such as King Gate, Belmont and Wiltshire were severely affected.

“We had quite a bit of washed down silt and debris along sections of the Lethe to the Long Hill roadway, which has since been cleared. We are now working on completing drainage work [as] there was significant silting of drains as a result of the recent flood rains. We are now in the process of having those drain cleared,” Ms. Rickets said in an interview with JIS News.

She noted that North and South gullies were also “heavily silted” and “we will also be moving to get those areas cleared as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile, Ms. Ricketts is imploring motorists to proceed with caution when navigating flooded roadways.

“Even though the flooding has since subsided, we still would like to remind motorists to exercise caution in cases of flooded roadways [because] it can be a very dangerous activity,” she said.

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