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The final in a series of meetings for a Numeracy Invasion Campaign in western St. Mary, was held at the Galina Primary and Infant School on June 16.
The meetings, which were initiated by the Member of Parliament, Hon. Robert Montague, saw representatives from the Ministry of Education and HEART Trust/NTA, among other agencies, interfacing with parents as well as other community members to seek out ways in which numeracy could be improved in Galina and the region at large.
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Montague said he is hoping to achieve an improvement in the numeracy and literacy scores for the children, “because if we can do that, then we can look forward to a better and brighter tomorrow.”
He called on parents to play their roles effectively in the lives of their children and to show more interest in whatever they do, so as to ensure that they grow up to be productive citizens in the society.
“I am imploring all of us to show interest in the education of each other’s children and I am challenging the parents that whatever it is, let us work with the teachers to get the best results,” Mr. Montague said.
Chairman for the Numeracy Invasion Campaign, Ransford Pierre told JIS News that the meetings were well received by the parents and that there was evidence of a willingness on their part to work in partnership with the teachers at the various schools in their communities.
“For all the meetings that we have had, we have gotten very good responses and we are all in agreement that parents need to play a more active role and give greater support in regard to the education of their children,” Mr. Pierre said, noting that the meeting at Galina Primary School was the eighth session in the series.
Principal at the Galina Primary School, Sandrea Shaw, said she was happy for the meeting at the institution.
“We realise that as a school, we cannot do this alone and we are appealing to the parents to come on board and work with us,” Miss Shaw said.
Meanwhile, President of the Galina Primary School Parent-Teacher Association, Charles Wilks, said that he was pleased with the number of parents who turned out to the meeting.
“The presentations by Mr. Montague and the other stakeholders were interesting and I think the parents have bought into it and they are ready and willing to make themselves available to make an improvement to the school and to the community,” Mr. Wilks said, adding that he benefited tremendously from the meeting.
“I believe that all children should be literate and numerate and I will always make myself available to assist my child as well as other children in the community whenever possible, to recognise their worth in regard to education,” he told JIS News.

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