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The Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) has been working internally to develop a nuisance compensation policy guideline for the bauxite/alumina companies, in recognition that the dust from bauxite and alumina operations is a persistent problem.
In its 2002/03 Report, which was tabled in the House last week, it was stated that the guideline, which has undergone several reviews, including one by the Commissioner of Mines, would be brought to the industry this year.
Furthermore, the JBI has continued its independent monitoring programme of bauxite operations. This includes quality monitoring of air, water and sewage, as well as regular site visits to bauxite mining areas, alumina ports and plants and environmental review meetings with each company.
In addition, the Institute has maintained its participation in an industry wide Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), which is focused on the proposed air quality regulations of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA).
The report noted that this is the first RIA to be done in Jamaica and evaluates the impact of air quality regulations on industries. Gazetting of the ambient air quality is expected in 2003. The RIA includes the bauxite and alumina companies, as part of the mineral industry of Jamaica.
A risk assessment of the industry’s impact on the health of surrounding communities for the various activities was in its development stage in 2002. The terms of reference are to be finalized this year.

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