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In order to ensure better garbage collection, the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is, among other things, negotiating to install Global Position Systems (GPS) tracking devices on collection units in order to maintain contact with drivers and to alter schedules where necessary.
Like other parishes, St. Thomas is set to benefit from an improved garbage collection schedule, Regional Operations Manager at the NSWMA, David Bloomfield disclosed. He was addressing a large gathering of community leaders at a Local Government month symposium held on Wednesday (November 26) at the Morant Villas conference room in Morant Bay.
Mr. Bloomfield acknowledged that part of the failure to maintain a proper schedule was the “less than satisfactory supervision” of contractors hired by the agency.
“Part of a challenge we face is a failure to maintain a collection schedule. We are responsible for that and we would take the blame for that. We should be doing more and we will do more in the future. We will maintain a better schedule,” Mr. Bloomfield said.
He said the agency would be increasing the number of inspections of areas where garbage was being collected by contractors. The NSWMA will also be providing drivers with hand-held devices for them to check off those areas where collection was completed.
However, Mr. Bloomfield also called on residents to properly dispose of their garbage.
“Every time you throw a box through the window of your car, think about that. If every other citizen of St. Thomas did the same, think about how much waste you are throwing on the side of the road. Not only that, it is illegal,” he told the gathering, warning that persons who dispose of their garbage improperly would be ticketed.
The event was organised by the St. Thomas Parish Council in collaboration with the St. Thomas Parish Development Committee, and the Social Development Commission under the theme, “Local Government Reform, “Putting governance in your hands.”

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