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Approximately 128 derelict vehicles were removed from the streets of Hanover in April, by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).
According to NSWMA’s Public Cleansing Officer for the Western Region, Oraldo Anderson, Hanover leads the way within the region, in terms of the amount of derelict vehicles removed from the streets.
The NSWMA Western Region is made up of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.
“In the Sandy Bay division, communities such as Jericho, Claremont, Mosquito Cove, Montpelier, Sandy Bay, Elgin Town and Point, a total of 69 derelict vehicles were removed. In the Lucea, Hopewell, Chester Castle, Ramble, Knockalva and Haughton Grove areas, all derelict vehicles which were visible were also removed,” he stated.
Mr. Anderson made the disclosure while tabling a report at the monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council, at the Council’s Chambers, Lucea, on Thursday (May 21).
He stated that the efforts of the NSWMA with regards to the removal of derelict vehicles from the streets across the region will continue until the nuisance has been eradicated.
With respect to other environmental matters, the NSWMA regional officer told the Council that his agency will also be pursuing persons, or organisations responsible for cleaning drains and leaving the refuse at the side of the roadway.
“It has been noticed that, in the past, whenever a contract is given for drain cleaning, whatever waste comes from the drain is placed on the sidewalk. This is a practice of the past, it will not be tolerated in the future, and we will be issuing removal notices and where those notices are not honoured, prosecution will be done,” he declared.
He pointed out to Councillors that the Public Cleansing Act of 2001, under which the prosecutions will take place, allows for both an offender and the person awarding the contract to the offender to be prosecuted. He pleaded for the support of the Parish Council, in ensuring that its contractors remove and dispose of waste and debris resulting from their work in a proper way.

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