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The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), has instituted new rules, to prevent easy access to its landfills by children and trucks with crews searching for scrap metal.
The rules are being put in place to promote safety standards in relation to health and waste.
“Effective immediately, children seen on the landfills will be forcibly removed by officers who will be securing the facilities. Also, trucks caught transporting children at landfills will be banned from the NSWMA’s facilities,” said a release from NSWMA’s Executive Director, Joan Gordon Webley.
The NSWMA will also be clamping down on trucks removing scrap metal from its dumps, and has reminded operators of the trucks that they can be prosecuted under Section 44 (a) of the National Solid Waste Management Act and their trucks banned from entering the landfills.
“These actions have become necessary due to the injury of children on one of our sites on February 5, 2009, the repeated occurrence of fires and to further control activities on the landfills,” Mrs. Gordon Webley said.
“The Authority will shortly commence dialogue with health officials and the Parish Councils to pound stray cows and pigs seen on the landfills,” she warned.
The NSWMA, which now falls under the Office of the Prime Minister, collects some 730,000 tonnes of the average 900,000 tonnes of household waste that the country generates annually.
Last year, Mrs. Gordon Webley called for the licensing of persons who regularly use the site, and the NSWMA instituted a fee system for each load of garbage deposited at a landfill. She has also said that the ultimate plan is to make the NSWMA earn its keep and cease to be a call on the national budget.

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