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National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA) President, Sylvester Anderson, has said that the three regional conferences held recently across the island were successful.
Mr. Anderson told JIS News that the meetings, which focused on issues such as conflict resolution, parenting, and training were “well received.”
“The parents looked at those issues and from that they drew a lot of information that they said would assist them in trying to alleviate if not significantly reduce any form of physical contact as it relates to an issue that can be pretty heated,” he stated.
Blue Cross of Jamaica sponsored the meetings, which were held at Campion College, in Kingston; Manchester High School in Manchester; and Cornwall College, Montego Bay, in St. James. Six conferences were originally proposed but due to financial constraints, only three were held.
Mr. Anderson informed that the Peace And Love in Schools (PALS) programme participated in the Mandeville and Kingston meetings, providing information to parents and teachers on “avoiding the physical nature of conflicts and how to handle situations”. Upcoming seminars will give parents and teachers the opportunity to participate in training sessions, which will “further facilitate training and handling of these issues,” he indicated.
Meanwhile, Mr. Anderson said that the NPTA head office located at the Caenwood Complex on Arnold Road, Kingston, provides a central location from which to work. He informed that the space was allocated by the Ministry of Education and Youth.
He urged parents to “pay the requisite fees because these fees, particularly the Development Fund, goes toward the institution and some of the services it offers to the parents. so the schools can have the requisite resources to prepare for the re-opening of schools.”
The NPTA is governed by the Education Act of 1980 and is committed to promoting the welfare of children and youth in the home, school and community and place of worship, ensuring adequate laws for their care and protection.

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