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The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, MP has announced two more projects for national focus on Labour Day, Monday, May 25, 2009.
Minister Grange said the Labour Day Secretariat will now support the Lucea Fire Station project in Hanover and the Belle Isle Community Club project in Westmoreland. These additions bring the number of Labour Day projects for national focus this year, to six.
Minister Grange said, “I am delighted that we could add two more projects and widen the focus on the work of the many volunteers who make such a wonderful difference in our country each year on Labour Day. I am particularly pleased that by giving well needed support to the Lucea Fire Station and Belle Isle Community Club projects we are, for the first time, bringing national support and attention to Labour Day projects in the parishes of Westmoreland and Hanover.”
The Lucea Fire Station project is being led by fire fighters in the parish, and involves building construction to create more work space at the fire house. The fire fighters had planned to do only excavations and laying of foundation on Labour Day, but the Secretariat’s support will help them to complete their additions.
The Belle Isle Community Club’s project involves the painting and clean-up of the Community Centre and the Grange Hill Comprehensive High School. The secretariat’s support will help them to realise their objectives.
Minister Grange said, “We are giving a helping hand to these two projects because they need our help; and these are projects that will benefit communities.”
The need for assistance from the Labour Day Secretariat to the Lucea Fire Station and the Belle Isle Community Club projects was discovered during a review of the hundreds registered projects across the country.
Minister Grange said, “I’m thrilled by the response that we have been getting at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to Labour Day. Yes, we are in a global recession, but our spirit for helping each other and working together for a better Jamaica hasn’t receded. So, I am very proud to see the partnerships that are developing and strengthening across the country for Labour Day; partnerships involving community clubs, service clubs, government agencies and ministries, the police and the JDF, schools, churches, and the private sector. I encourage more of these partnerships, which are absolutely vital to ensuring our success as a united and strong nation.”
The six projects for national focus on Labour Day are:. St Ann’s Bay Hospital renovations and installation of water cooler in St Ann. Riversdale multi-purpose court and community centre in St Catherine. Ginger resuscitation project in Top Alston, Clarendon. Blue Hole Nature Park restoration in Montpelier, St James. Lucea Fire Station office expansion in Hanover. Belle Isle Community Centre and Grange Hill Comprehensive High School painting and clean-up in Westmoreland

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