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The Emergency Powers Review Tribunal was established pursuant to Regulation 38 of the Emergency Powers Regulations 2010 on the 28th May 2010.
The members of this Tribunal are Pamela Benka-Coker, Q.C., Chairman, Mr. Justice Henderson Downer, retired Judge of Appeal, and Nancy Anderson, Attorney-at-law.
The Tribunal and representatives from the Ministry of Justice have been working assiduously to put in place the administrative infrastructure and systems necessary to facilitate the conduct of hearing pertaining to formal objections initiated by persons against whom Detention Orders have been made by the Minister of National Security under the Emergency Powers Regulations. It is anticipated that these hearings will commence shortly.
Objections should be in writing and signed by the detainee. All Objections must contain the full name of the detainee, his/her address and place of detention, and contact information of the detainee’s Attorney-at-law, if applicable. A copy of the Detention Order should also be submitted with the information supplied.
Objections may be submitted to the Tribunal by hand delivery to 2D Camp Road, Kingston; posted to the same address or sent by e-mail to emergencypowersreviewtribunal@gmail.com.
The Tribunal is mandated to review cases of detention or restriction orders under regulations 22, 33 and 34 of the Emergency Powers Regulations. In summary these regulations concern the following:
Regulation 22 – an Order preventing a person from residing in or entering any particular area;
Regulation 33 – an Order that a person stays in the house or place where he resides, or in a place specified by the Minister where the person has no fixed place of abode;
Regulation 34 – the detention of a person under a Detention Order made by the Minister of National Security.
Any questions may be directed to the e-mail address stated above.

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