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KINGSTON — Persons living in North West St. Andrew will have another opportunity on Saturday, May 28, to exchange their high-energy consuming incandescent bulbs for low energy consuming fluorescent lamps at no charge to them, under the Cuba-Jamaica Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) project.

Principal Director of   Policy in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Oral Rainford told JIS News that the residents are being given a second opportunity for two primary reasons – firstly the government’s push toward energy efficiency and to have as many persons make the switch to energy saving bulbs; and the low uptake of fluorescent bulbs in the communities where distribution was carried out some time ago, based on the size of the population.

“We had projected that we would have issued over 30,000 bulbs and we saw that the uptake was significantly less. We are going back to achieve our mandate, because we know that there are many persons in that area who are yet to employ these lamps, so we’re giving them that opportunity,” he said.

Mr. Rainford noted that the teams will continue to use the “distribution centre” strategy, instead of the house-to-house strategy that was used in the original phase of the distribution process.

“That is the methodology we are using, as it’s faster and cheaper for the project. So, we’re inviting the public to come to the centres to exchange their incandescent bulbs for these compact fluorescent lamps,” he said.


The points of distribution will be:

§  Meadowbrook United Church

§  PembrokeHall High school

§  PatrickGardens Community Park

§  Marverly Primary and Junior High

§  Hughenden Community Centre

The teams will operate from those locations between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The re-commencement of the programme is facilitating the distribution of some 160,000 CFLs, and is in keeping with government’s thrust toward greater energy efficiency across the island. Distribution of the fluorescent lamps is expected to have a significant impact on the national energy bill.



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