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Scores of persons, on Saturday (July 4) attended a civic function in Roxborough, Manchester, commemorating the 116th anniversary of the birth of National Hero, the Right Excellent Norman Manley.
Mr. Manley was lauded by civic and political representatives, as well as students from several secondary institutions, for his work as lawyer and politician, as well as his success in sports.
Guest speaker, Senior Lecturer at the United Theological College of the West Indies, Dr. Hyacinth Boothe, said Mr. Manley was compassionate in his traversing and advocacy.
“He believed in the ability of his people to rise to the highest (level) in every field of endeavour,” Dr. Boothe stated.
She added that he was firm in his conviction that Jamaica could hold its own in the world arena, and never departed from his beliefs, or engaged in vulgar abuse even when he faced political defeat.
“We are in a position to look behind us, look around us and look ahead of us, there are still pockets of goodness, wholesomeness, truth and righteousness. We are kept afloat by these pockets and the inheritance bequeathed us by our nation builders,” she said.
Member of Parliament for South Manchester, Michael Peart, in his tribute, called on the gathering not to forget the type of Jamaica that Norman Manley wanted.
“As we celebrate his life and work, let us all live his legacy remembering, at all times, that he and those of his generation challenged what existed then, and caused you and I to enjoy, work and live in a society that is free from oppressive laws,” Mr. Peart said.

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