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Government has denied reports that a new official car costing J$13-Million is being purchased for the Prime Minister.
A contract in the amount of US$64,400 or J$5.4Million (based on the current exchange rate ) was approved by the National Contracts Commission on December 10, 2008, for the purchase of a new official vehicle for the Prime Minister .
However, Prime Minister Bruce Golding gave instructions for the order to be cancelled as he considered it important to set an example at a time when Government must use every possible means to reduce expenditure and contain the fiscal deficit.
In a letter issued on Monday January 19, Mr. Golding also gave instructions that there is to be no expenditure on official vehicles or official residences for Government Ministers during this year except for essential maintenance.
The official car being used by the Prime Minister is 11 years old. It was purchased shortly after the Most Hon. P.J. Patterson became Prime Minister in 1997. It has broken down on four occasions while conveying Prime Minister Golding and a decision was taken for it to be replaced.
With the cancellation of the order for a new vehicle, the Prime Minister will continue to use the existing 11 year old vehicle.

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