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The Transport Authority is warning route taxi operators that there will be on let-up on the drive now underway to rid the system of illegal drivers and to ensure that licensed operators are abiding by the rules.
General Manager for Operations at the Authority, Cecil Morgan, addressing a parish consultation last week at the Mandeville Hotel in Manchester, said that there has been stricter monitoring and enforcement of the regulations, to protect the travelling public and weed out those who are bent on bringing disorder to the system.
“Along with the police, we have tightened and have been curbing the poor driving habits of some divers, and success has been reaped there; seizures have increased. We took more vehicles of the road last year, more prosecutions were effected last year, and it is our intention to continue on that trend until we rid the streets of illegal operators,” he stated.

Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Daniel Dawes, addresses a public forum held last week at the Mandeville Hotel in Manchester.

Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Daniel Dawes, informed that under the Code of Ethics, which has been agreed on by the taxi associations, operators are required to provide the public with a clean, reliable and safe transportation service, and maintain a standard of behavior that is acceptable to all well-thinking and decent members of the public.
As such, he said, no longer will unauthorized markings be allowed on vehicles and drivers must always be attired in uniform, while on the job.
“Drivers must be properly attired. You can’t be serving the public and your mode of dress is a piece of merino, a piece of short pants, and slippers. Dem days over,” he stated.

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