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Government is not imposing General Consumption Taxes (GCT) on electricity or water.
Minister without Portfolio with responsibility for Information and Telecommunications, Daryl Vaz, has said that at no time was any reference made to imposing GCT on these utilities.
In his budget presentation to the House yesterday and at a further press briefing this morning, Finance Minister Audley Shaw stated government’s proposal to impose a 20-percent rate of GCT on telephone instruments, effective April 27, 2009. This is expected to yield revenue of J$736-million. He also outlined in detail, the extended list of items which will remain exempted from GCT and the new ones which will become subject to GCT.
Minister Vaz has reiterated that the GCT rate of 16.5% will remain on goods and services to which they are applicable. Items which will become subject to GCT include specific auto data processing machines and parts, printed matter, not including newspapers, articles and materials classified under specific tariff headings, Fish, cock and noodle soups in aluminum sachets, syrup, motor, spirit, lubricating oil for commercial fishing, live birds, rolled oats and salt.

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