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During Financial Year 2005/2006, the National Land Agency (NLA) will undertake a series of activities geared towards improving accessibility and service delivery to its customers. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NLA, Elizabeth Stair, who addressed a recent JIS ‘Think Tank’, revealed plans to expand the agency’s regional network.
“We are hoping to expand the Montego Bay office, and once the expansion has gone through, we will accept certain lodgements for title matters and survey plans, and that will prevent the lawyers and land surveyors from having to come into Kingston to make their lodgements,” she said.
“In Mandeville we have another regional office, but eventually we will expand that to be able to accommodate a wider range of services,” Mrs. Stair added.
Over the next year, the NLA will also seek to computerise its Crown Lands inventory.”We have approximately 40,000 parcels of land owned by the Commissioner of Lands, so we are trying to enter this into a computerised database, which would help us in the management of those properties,” the CEO said.
In addition, the NLA is planning to launch another phase of its eCommerce service – eLandjamaica.
An Internet-based service, eLandjamaica will allow persons from anywhere in the world, to access select information on the unimproved value of property, location, and title information, among others.
“We are currently planning a Phase 2 and one of the most important things about this phase is that it will allow persons to pay online via credit card,” informed Mrs. Stair. “This is an important facility because we feel that it would attract overseas users to the system,” she said. According to the CEO, in this phase some modifications would be made to the current eLandjamaica system, as the agency was seeking to make the product user-friendly, based on feedback from users. Upon implementation, this second phase would also make available a wider variety of maps on the Internet.
Mrs. Stair reiterated the NLA’s commitment to keeping its customers happy and satisfied.
“We will strive to be a customer-focused agency, internally and externally, because once we keep that focus, it then means that we will continually look at ways to improve our service delivery,” she stressed.
These improvements would manifest themselves in the “reduction of turn-around times, additional improvements to the agency’s computer processes, automation of certain processes and a general re-engineering of the way we do things,” she added.

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