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The National Land Agency (NLA), in a move to decentralize its services and to address more effectively, the needs of persons in western Jamaica, will be establishing a regional titles office in Montego Bay by year end.
This move will help to offer essential services in the land titling, survey and mapping divisions.
The project will extend to most of the procedures normally carried out in the central office, such as registration of transfers, registering mortgages, discharging of mortgages, application to register land and surrender applications.
To this end, a pilot project, to be carried out over a one month period, was launched at the NLA’s Montego Bay Office yesterday (May 29), with several persons, including attorneys, land and property owners visiting the office to utilize the new services.
Senior Deputy Registrar and Project Manager for the new Titles Office, Joan Walker, said the purpose of the pilot project was to ascertain the real needs and to test all the systems and software in the new office, which would be located at the NLA Montego Bay Office on Federal Avenue, near the Sangster International Airport.
“The regional titles office is being established based on customers’ needs and the agency’s mandate to become a more pro-active and client-focused organization. We will be expecting customers, including those from Hanover, Westmoreland and adjoining parishes, to utilize the services, also surveyors will be invited to come and lodge their survey plans which we will be accepting,” Miss Walker told JIS News.
She explained that although a regional titles office would be established in Montego Bay, the entire procedure carried out by the central office, in relation to the titling process, would not be offered in the Montego Bay Regional Office.
“Once the pilot project is ended and the office is up and running, we will be drafting the document in the Regional Office and these would be sent back to the central office for endorsement on titles, after which the attorneys can collect these in the Montego Bay Office. Both offices (Central and Regional) would be working in collaboration,” Miss Walker told JIS News.

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