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The Land Titles Division of the National Land Agency (NLA) is projecting that the public should start seeing the benefits of the Land Registration System by April with significant improvement in turnaround time by June.
The improvement will come by way of the Land Registration System (LRS), which will transform the largely manual process at the Office of Titles to an automated one.
Addressing a JIS Think Tank session on Wednesday (Jan. 28), Registrar of Titles and Director of Land Titles at the NLA, Alfred McPherson said the introduction of the LRS would also result in drastic reduction in the turnaround time for documents that were lodged with the Office of Titles.
He explained that the automation process being undertaken by the Office of Titles was a direct response to customer complaints about service delivery, and more specifically the period of time it took for titles to be registered and processed.
The LRS seeks to automate the processes involved in bringing land under the Registration of Titles Act as well as other tasks involving previously registered property.
In addition to the implementation of LRS to improve the efficiency of the Office of Titles, Mr. McPherson pointed out that the Survey and Mapping Division, with which Titles must regularly interface, also underwent a similar automation process known as Parcel Data Management System (PDMS).
He said: “We rely a lot and work in conjunction with the Surveys Department so it was very important that once they undertook the automation of the Office of Titles, that the Surveys Department was also automated.”
The PDMS automation process of the Survey and Mapping Department will employ Geography Information Systems (GIS) computerized software that will be represented as land-based mapping data. Users of the PDMS will be able to navigate maps and to select parcels of land. Once the PDMS has been populated, the user will be able to simply click on a parcel of land and access valuation or title information related to that property.
Mr. McPherson told JIS News that with the automation process, the Office of Titles, a division of the NLA, which assumed Executive Agency status in 2001, would be able to process far more documents and substantially increase the volume now being produced.
He estimated that the Office of Titles would be able to produce about 10,000 new titles in 2004.

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