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Hundreds of citizens in possession of land in the parish of Westmoreland, participated in a Road Show put on by the National Land Agency (NLA), at the Savanna-la-Mar High School, in Westmoreland, on March 4.
The event was geared towards persons who were experiencing challenges in acquiring legal documents, such as land titles, for their properties.
Speaking with JIS News at the Road Show, Registrar of Titles at the agency, Sophia Williams, said the main objective of the programme was to encourage members of the public to secure land titles, in order to have security of tenure for their properties.
“In Jamaica today, we have approximately 750,000 parcels of land, and more than 300,000 persons do not have registered titles. The National Land Agency, in an attempt to increase the number of registered land owners, has commenced a public education drive across the island to provide information about the importance of having a registered title and the steps involved in getting lands registered,” Ms. Williams pointed out.
She said that since the commencement of the educational road shows, organised jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP), some 18 road shows have been held in populated rural communities, with thousands of persons benefitting from the information.
“The road shows have been having great impact on persons who have become more aware and more aggressive in acquiring legal document for their properties. The series of events have been very successful, as persons have been getting lots of information. The road shows have definitely met their objectives, notwithstanding the fact that there are still lots of persons to reach and assist with their many concerns,” she said.
Two main areas of concerns addressed at the road show were: applications for registered titles; and steps for consideration when buying land or property.
Ms. Williams advised that the final in the series of 19 road shows will be held in Lucea, Hanover, on March 6.
Legal Officer, Sharon Brown, in making her presentation on purchasing land, urged prospective buyers not to rely on the duplicate title normally held by the registered owner of the property, but to ensure that they acquire a certified copy of the original document, before money is paid over, and to ensure that they obtain a receipt.

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