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An additional nine schools across the island have indicated to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture that they will be able to reopen for classes by Monday, September 20.
The schools are Denbigh High in Clarendon and Melrose, New Day and Dupont Primary and Junior High schools; Campion College; Dunrobin Undergrad School and St. Joseph’s Teacher’ College all in Kingston.
Munro College in St. Elizabeth, will be opened on a phased basis admitting only fifth and sixth form students in the first instance, while Hampton High School, St. Elizabeth will be reopened to Grades 10 to 13 only.
Crofts Hill Primary and Junior High in Clarendon, began operations on Wednesday, September 16.The Ministry is urging parents to equip small children with proper drinking water for school.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, the vast majority of schools across the island have had to close their doors owing to a shortage of water and electricity, damages sustained, as well as others being used as temporary shelters for members of the public severely affected by the hurricane.
Earlier this week, the Ministry released a list of 20 schools that have already been reopened.

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