JIS News

President of Nigeria, His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, on Thursday (August 2), visited Liberty Hall, home of the Marcus Garvey Museum, in downtown Kingston, hours after arriving in Jamaica for a two-day State visit.

The visit formed part of the President’s itinerary of activities, which also saw him addressing a joint sitting of the Houses of Parliament, earlier in the day.

Dr. Jonathan and his party were met on their arrival at the historic King Street-based Liberty Hall, by a number of officials and dignitaries, headed by Youth and Culture Minister, Hon. Lisa Hanna. Also on hand to welcome the visiting Head of State were: Chief of State Protocol, Office of the Prime Minister, Ambassador Elinor Sherlock; Executive Director, Institute of Jamaica, Vivian Crawford; and Director/Curator of Liberty Hall/ Marcus Garvey Museum – Donna McFarlane, among others .

Against the backdrop of rhythmic African drumming and the melodious voices of flag-waving children singing, Dr. Jonathan was taken on an interactive tour of the Marcus Garvey Museum by Ms. McFarlane, who gave him a synopsis of the life and work of Jamaica’s first National Hero, the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Following the tour, Dr. Jonathan was invited to sign the visitors’ book, and duly obliged by documenting his impressions of what he had seen, which were reported to be positive.   

In an interview with JIS News, Minister Hanna said the Nigerian President’s visit meant much to Jamaica at this time, as the nation celebrates Emancipation and its Golden Independence Jubilee.

“When you even consider that many of our children don’t realise that their roots and  all our roots are from  the doorsteps of Africa and what that entails, (and that) some of our ancestors actually came from Nigeria, it really means a lot for us to have him here,” she stated

Ms. Hanna said Dr. Jonathan also indicated that he was impressed with the displays, mounted in the Marcus Garvey Museum, particularly the images of Africa, and expressed a desire to see more displays of contemporary Nigeria, something which she said her Ministry would seek to pursue.