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    KINGSTON — Opposition Senator A.J. Nicholson has recommended that the Government reform the method of appointment of Commissioners, under the Commission of Enquiries Act.

    He made this recommendation in a Private Members Motion, tabled in the Senate Friday June 17, 2011.

    Senator Nicholson also recommended that the Government should conduct a review of the Commission of Enquiries Act to reform the means by which the terms of reference for which Commissions of Enquiry are determined.

    “In the Westminster system of government, within which adherence to the rule of law grounded on the hallowed principles of natural justice is paramount, it is not allowable for a Head of Government to unilaterally appoint the Commissioner or other arbiters who are to enquire into issues which touch and concern the conduct of the Head of Government himself, and to settle the terms of reference for such an enquiry,” Senator Nicholson stated.

    He also recommended that the Government should rationalize the forms of penalties provided for offences under the Act.