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PRESS RELEASE – National Health Fund (NHF) cardholders are to benefit from the addition of new drugs for the treatment of Arthritis and Major Depression.

Simponi Injection 50mg – 0.5mL with the active ingredient Golimumab with a subsidy of $105,896.05 per injection, Actemra Injection with active ingredient Tocilizumab with a subsidy of $27,568.00 per 200mg – 10mL injection and with a subsidy of $11,027.20 per 80mg – 4mL injection has been added for the treatment of Arthritis.

For Major Depression, Cymbalta capsules with the active ingredient Duloxetine Controlled Release with a subsidy of $124.20 per 60mg capsule and with a subsidy of $62.10 per 30mg capsule has been added.

These changes became effective December 8, 2016.

A complete drug list and subsidies paid by the National Health Fund are available from NHF participating Pharmacies, the NHF website or by calling NHF (1-888-NHF-CARE).

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