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Scores of New Yorkers on Sunday evening, April 5, joined family and close associates in an emotional home-going service for Hermie G. Tomlinson, at the Emmaus SDA Church in central Brooklyn.
The 91 year old matriarch of the Tomlinson family made a quiet transition on March 31, after decades of exemplary service to her adopted Brooklyn community which has been her home since l962.
Born and raised in Darliston, Westmoreland, she married Beresford Tomlinson and emigrated to the USA in 1962.
After settling in Brooklyn, “Miss Hermie” worked tirelessly to raise a young family and to establish the Emmaus SDA mission, organising fundraising events until there was enough money to purchase the present building at 1144 Flatbush Avenue, a former bank (branch).
She is survived by her four children – Joan, Cosmo, Constance and Anton Tomlinson, former president of the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA), and Chairman of the NAACP NYC ACT-SO programme, offering academic enrichment opportunities for minority students.
Hermie Tomlinson’s body was interred at the Plainlawn Cemetery, New York, on Monday, April 6.

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