JIS News

The newly constructed 157-metre bridge at Yallahs in St. Thomas, will be officially opened tomorrow (August 14).
Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, made the announcement yesterday (August 12), at a press briefing, held on the construction site.
The Minister said that river training would continue to protect the river banks leading to the bridge. In addition, silt and other materials accumulated under the bridge, would be removed.
“It has to be excavated to some 8 feet below the existing bridge. That is important, because that would ensure that the piles are protected and therefore ensure that the life of the bridge is protected,” he said.
The Minister said that further upstream, river training would be done leading up to the Easington bridge. He appealed to residents to desist from cutting down trees, so as to reduce the level of soil erosion in the area.
Addressing the issue of the damage being done to the roads in St. Thomas as a result of over-laden trucks, Mr. Henry said this problem would be tackled with the importation of mobile scales.
“I think they should be here in the next four weeks. I am also going to visit some of the quarries to begin to look at the whole aspect of the weight of the materials being loaded on the trucks,” the Minister added.
Additional work to be completed on the Yallahs bridge include the asphalting of the roads leading to the east and west approaches, putting in road markings and installing overhead lights.
Mr. Henry and officials from the National Works Agency (NWA) and the St. Thomas Parish Council also drove across the $402 million bridge.