New Type Three Clinic Being Built in Highgate

A new type three health clinic is being built in Highgate, St. Mary to enhance the delivery of public health care to the residents of that community and surrounding areas.
Work on the $87 million project, which is being funded by the National Health Fund, began in January of this year, and is scheduled for completion in December.The new facility will replace the old clinic, which has been serving the community for many years, but could not longer adequately meet the needs of citizens.
Owen Belvett, Regional Director for the North Eastern Regional Health Authority (NEHRA), told JIS News that the clinic was being constructed on the site of the existing facility, while land adjacent to the property has been acquired by the St. Mary Parish Council, to facilitate the project.
The new facility, he informed, would be equipped with a pharmacy and a conference room, and would provide maternal and child health services, laboratory, dental health and psychiatric care.
Mr. Belvett noted that the decision to construct the new clinic came out of a series of discussions between the citizens and the Ministry of Health, and every effort would be made to ensure the delivery of the highest quality health care to the residents.
He encouraged the residents to support the project and take the best care of the facility when it is completed.

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