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Students and teachers of the Trout Hall All-age School in Clarendon now have new sanitary facilities, through $4.5 million in funding from the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).
Speaking at the handing over ceremony held on Wednesday (Feb.15) at the school, principal Shudley Bryce expressed his gratitude to the JSIF for answering the request of the Trout Hall Citizen’s Association, which acted as sponsor for the project. “Although we still have other infrastructure problems, we are extremely grateful that JSIF has addressed one of our major issues of concern,” Mr. Bryce commented.
The new sanitary facilities replace the pit latrines that have been in use since the construction of the school in 1964 and consist of 11 new water closets, complete with urinals. Of the $4.5 million in funding for the project, a little over $3 million secured through a soft loan from the World Bank under its National Community Development Programme (NCDP). Acting Finance Manager at the Fund, Keith Byfield, implored students to take care of the new facilities. To date, the JSIF has successfully completed 591 projects, with 54 being in the parish of Clarendon. These 591 projects represent an investment of about $2.7million. Of the completed projects, 260 have been in the education sector and include the construction, expansion, equipping and rehabilitation of schools.
“It may not be a well-known fact, but over 42 per cent of the projects funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund have been in support of the development of education. We at the Jamaica Social Investment Fund have long held the belief that any long-term strategies for national development must take education into consideration and this explains our seeming preoccupation with this sector,” Mr. Byfield said.

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