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Interim Chairman of the newly formed Reggae Industry Association, Howard McIntosh, says the music industry has to work with all areas of the society to position the music so that the players can receive maximum benefit to “take Jamaica’s reggae music to the world”.
He was speaking at the meeting called by Prime Minister Bruce Golding at Jamaica House this morning (February 13), to discuss the topical issue of musical lyrics that may be inappropriate for broadcast and also in public spaces. The Prime Minister told stakeholders in the music business that although he was prepared to exercise the powers of the law vigorously, he also encouraged players in the industry to exercise self-control and police themselves.
Speaking on behalf of the Association, Mr. McIntosh said, “The Association is very happy about what has taken place today. At the centre of this is what we had really started out doing with Reggae Month, which is a conversation with everyone involved in the music industry. With very little banana, very little bauxite and very little sugar, the creative industries have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a window to really put us where all of us know we can be.”
He assured the meeting that the Association wished to build a better Jamaica and would encourage dialogue with schools, the Broadcasting Commission, public transportation, media houses and sponsors and would play its role in executing the agreed strategies put forward by the meeting.

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