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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton, has called on new recruits of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), to be committed while serving their country.
Dr. Tufton, who is the Member of Parliament for South West St. Elizabeth, made the call when he delivered the keynote address at the graduation of over 200 new members of the JCF, at the Tranquility Bay Campus of the Police Training Academy in St. Elizabeth.
“Because of the current state of crime in our country, a lot depends on the police force and on you as graduates to rise to the occasion, to ensure that in the discussion about crime and crime solving, your own role and mandate is very clear, and that the country understands and appreciates the critical role that you have to play,” the Minister said.
“The country will only understand it, if you understand it. And part of your training is understanding. It is about service; it is a profession that at times people love to hate, and it is a profession that is one of the most criticised. Because, whenever anything goes wrong, there is a lot of talk about what you are not doing right, and when it goes right, there is rarely any exposure of the positives,” he said.
Dr. Tufton encouraged the new JCF members, the first batch to be trained the Tranquility campus, to serve with zeal to maintain order in the country.
“You must be driven for the right reasons and for the right causes. You are going to feel that this is a thankless job, but it should be about commitment to upholding the Constitution and the laws of the land. So, you must be motivated for more than public recognition,” the Minister said.
Dr. Tufton pointed out that the new recruits on parade were publicly displaying their commitment to serve in an institution that is fundamental to the well being of this country. “This is a process, you are on a journey and in time it will get better. Recognise the pitfalls, and avoid them as best as possible,” Dr. Tufton told them.

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