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The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service has implemented a new phase of the tax amnesty programme, which will run until the end of October.
Jamaicans, who are not declaring income taxes, are being urged to use the period of the amnesty now underway, to become tax compliant.
“Embrace the opportunity to be part of the process where we can together make our contribution, no matter how modest, to keeping this country well put together, improve it…take care of and nurture our children for the future,” urged Portfolio Minster Audley Shaw. “Let us be able to give them a little nutrition in schools, let us be able to make sure that our children are happy and safe,” he added.
Mr. Shaw, who was opening the 2009/10 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday (April 23), informed that more than 200,000 persons were not declaring income taxes.
He assured that “no questions will be asked” of those who chose to come forward and make declarations for 2008/2009 onwards.
“But, I want to say that if you do not accept this invitation, then rest assured that we are developing the capabilities (and) our auditors will be paying a visit to you,” he warned.
“Bear in mind, that under the Income Tax Act, if you do not use this opportunity to become tax compliant, then when audited, you will be liable to be assessed for several years of outstanding income taxes,” he noted.
The Ministry introduced a tax amnesty programme last year, in a bid to increase tax compliance. In the process, the Government raked in close to $8 billion.”I want to thank everyone, who participated in that programme,” Mr. Shaw said.

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