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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has introduced new measures for persons or organizations seeking to obtain a Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN).

These measures, which are geared toward ensuring greater client data safety, became effective on June 1.

Communications Officer at TAJ, Leighton Beckles, told JIS News that new applicants are now required to submit a verified photograph with every application.

This application must also be accompanied by a ‘Declaration for Certifying Official’ form, completed by a certifying official including a Justice of the Peace (JP), Minister of Religion, Attorney-at-law, School Principal, Member of Parliament, Senior Civil Servant, Senior Police Officer, or Medical Doctor.

The declaration form is available at tax offices and on the TAJ’s website at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.

Mr. Beckles explained that the decision to introduce the new measure was primarily to improve the high standard of data security at TAJ, and not as a result of any breach or threat to its systems.

“Ever so often, we look at our systems, we stress test them, identify potential loopholes and plug them. This ensures that we are steps ahead of persons, who (may) try to undermine the integrity of the system. So, it’s simply to safeguard the TRN database as well as make minor adjustments to make the application process more user-friendly,” he told JIS News.

The new measures also absorb a wider range of applicants and shorten the turn-around time for the applications.

The TRN is important, and has become a standard for doing business with the Government. Some private sector financial institutions are also increasingly making its use a part of business transactions.

“It (TRN) pretty much ties into every aspect of an individual’s business and social life and makes for easier transactions with Government and corporate Jamaica,” Mr. Beckles stated.

He informed that the types of applicants eligible to apply have been expanded to include schools, government agencies and public bodies, charities and non-profit organisations, churches, pension schemes, as well as overseas companies and individuals.

For further information on TRN requirements for all categories of applicants, interested persons may contact the TAJ Customer Care Centre at 1-888-Tax-Help (829- 4357) or visit the TAJ offices at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) Building (4th Floor) at 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10.

They may also telephone 922-8746; fax 754-9593; email communications@taj.gov.jm; or visit the TAJ website at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.

Contact: O. Rodger Hutchinson

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