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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the world has not yet learnt that if global growth is to be sustained and highly developed economies are to continue growing, they have to find new markets. They cannot find new markets within their own markets or among themselves as they have gone pass saturation points, he warned.
Mr. Golding said there are vast populations in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, with vast needs and desires but not enough capacity to transform those needs and desires into effective purchasing demand.
Mr. Golding was addressing yesterday’s (Jan 24) opening session in Kingston for the first forum of Ministers responsible for social and sustainable development in the Caribbean. The forum has been organized by the government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation-UNESCO.
Mr. Golding said one percent of what the world is spending on armaments could support 20-million children in school for a year.
Cue in: (18:26) The world has not focused on that. Cue out: (19:44) .for the output of their economies.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding.
The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and UNESCO sponsored forum will run from January 24-26 under the theme ‘Social Development Strategies for the Caribbean Youth in the context of the economic crisis’.

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