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The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) is creating additional features on its website, which will allow users, especially students, to be more interactive with them, while keeping abreast of the developments in Government.
This disclosure was made by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Mrs. Donna-Marie Rowe, while addressing the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) scholarship award reception, held at the JNBS’ head office on Constant Spring Road, in Kingston, on September 13.
“I am pleased to announce that before the end of the year, the JIS will launch a new-look website, which will appeal to more young people conducting research for assignments, with a more user-friendly interface; and easier search facility,” she said.
The CEO noted that the website would also allow students to interact in an “online Homework Centre”, where they will be able to send their homework questions to the Research Department of the agency. “So, when you get your homework, just send us your research questions and we will help you,” she added.
She further pointed out that the agency will be increasing its visibility on the major social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, and encouraged persons to join these networks, so that they too can participate in the discussions relating to the Government’s decisions.
Mrs. Rowe announced that a segment of Jamaica Magazine – ‘The School Zone’- one of the most recent initiatives of the agency, will also be enhanced. The programme seeks to give primary and secondary school children an opportunity to express their views on topical issues.
“We are also looking at other ideas to target school children and to encourage them to become more civic minded and street smart, and to provide them with life skills,” she said.
The CEO noted that the agency will launch a new advertisement server on its website to include Geo-targeting, where advertisers will be able to buy advertising space to showcase real estate to a specific target market, for example, strong Jamaican communities in the United Kingdom.
“We are also taking seriously, feedback from our clients, stakeholders and visitors to our website, in order to enhance our product offerings and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace for public relations services,” she added.
The agency’s website can be accessed at: www.jis.gov.jm.

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