• JIS News

    A new laundry room, costing some $3.5 million, is being constructed at the St. Thomas Infirmary in Morant Bay.
    Secretary/Manager of the St. Thomas Parish Council, Clinton Gordon, told JIS News, that the Council has taken the decision to construct a new laundry room, because repairs to the existing one would have been too costly.
    Additionally, he said the structure had to be removed from its present location, since it would have interfered with the development plans for the infirmary.
    Mr. Gordon said the new building would have adequate space for five washing machines, four dryers, a storage room and accommodation for a stand-by power unit.
    “This should provide better working conditions for members of staff at the infirmary, who have been suffering for quite a while in the old building,” he said.
    Matron at the Infirmary, Avis Harding Davis, told JIS News, that the new facility and additional equipment would make life much easier for the workers and the 101 residents, comprising 69 males and 32 females.
    “We are overjoyed. It is a welcomed relief,” Mrs. Davis said. She noted that the lack of a proper wash area sometimes prevented the workers from using the washing machines, especially when it rained. She said that workers have had to do the laundry by hand. Currently, the infirmary employs three full-time laundresses during the week and two on weekends.