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The newly established Flagstaff Heritage Tours Visitor Centre, in St. James, was officially opened by Minister of Tourism, Honourable Edmund Bartlett, on October 15.
It is expected that this venture will provide more employment opportunities for the residents, which should result in a better standard of living for all.
The heritage tour features three trails from the town centre in Flagstaff, which are designed to provide glimpses into the historical and cultural heritage of Maroon and British occupation, as well as the biodiversity and rich culture of present day residents.
Addressing the official opening and handing over of the centre to the Cockpit Country Local Forest Management Committee, the Minister said that the development would be a model for any future venture along the same line, as efforts are underway to diversify the offerings and to become more green oriented, to sustain the tourist industry.
“If we are to ensure that level of sustainability, we must become very involved in green tourism, thus building a future on the preservation of our environment. I have given instructions to the review committee that is examining the Master Plan for Tourism and tweeking it, to make it more reflective of the way forward and more responsive to the new demands of tourism development,” Mr. Bartlett explained.
“We are going to be moving a little away from the coastlines, which are so over- taxed and where the carrying capacity is almost at its limit, to the rural areas where we have the rich flora and fauna … where there are unique features of Jamaica as a biodiversity paradise, a true destination, not only offering sand, sea and sun, but also nature in all its glory,” the Minister added.
He pointed out that these developments would present an opportunity for community involvement, which people must begin to embrace, in order for them to learn more about themselves and their true values.

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