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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson announced today that there would be a comprehensive review of current policies and procedures that govern the issuing of firearm user licences.
He explained that this had been prompted by the proliferation of firearms throughout the country and their contribution to the high murder rate, which “remain an area of serious concern”.
Making his contribution to the 2004/05 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister said that Cabinet had recently granted approval for the implementation of a new firearm licensing regime that would allow for more professional, rigorous and timely procedures, and for appropriate review in instances where licences were refused or revoked.
“The new firearms policy is designed to enhance transparency and reduce the potential for corruption in the issuance of licences. Only persons who demonstrate a genuine need to be armed, only those who satisfy the competent authority that they meet specific ‘fit and proper’ criteria, will be granted licences,” Mr. Patterson declared.
He said that far too many guns and other dangerous weapons were in the hands of too many persons”Firearm licences, like drivers’ licences, are not for sale. They constitute serious dangers when they fall in the wrong hands,” the Prime Minister stressed.

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