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Patrons attending the 2006 Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, in May Pen Clarendon, from August 5 to August 7 will be treated to a number of exciting new attractions this year.
Speaking with JIS News, Public Relations Officer for the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Camille Beckford said that for the first time, a state of the art agricultural machinery exhibition from China would be on display. Other new attractions include a full sized greenhouse and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) ‘Park and Ride’ service.
Agricultural Industrial Machinery (AIM) will showcase cutting-edge farm machinery to highlight the mechanization of the industry, which is an area of focus for the JAS at this time, Miss Beckford said.
The full sized greenhouse model, built by Stanley Rampier can accommodate up to 12 persons and will display some 100 plants, along with fully-grown tomato plants with vine ripened tomatoes.
She noted that the signage involving five maps and some 100 signs, placed throughout the showground to help patrons find their favourite activities, was also a new initiative for Denbigh.
Turning to the JUTC’s ‘Park and Ride’ service, Miss Beckford said this initiative “enables patrons to park at the Jamaica National Car Park in Half Way Tree and ride to Denbigh on either an air conditioned or non-air conditioned bus that will take them straight into the show grounds.”
Urging families with children to visit Denbigh, she informed that, “a new aspect of the Kiddies Village, is the Back to School Expo where parents can sell or trade school books.”
These significant changes are being made to capture the attention of the visitors and also as a means of increasing the number of families, who attend the three-day event, Miss Beckford pointed out.
All the events at Denbigh are family type activities, where persons can walk the grounds and visit the various points of interest, such as the daily farmers’ market; the truck raffle tent; Farm Queen booth; horticultural display; Kiddies Village; and the livestock show.
This year’s show is being held under the theme ‘Advancing rural development through agriculture.’ The organizers are seeking to attract some 100,000 patrons this year, up from the 80,000 last year.

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