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Government is opening up new business opportunities by providing licenses to allow service providers to roll out wireless-based services to Jamaicans.
Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects in the Office of the Prime Minister, Daryl Vaz in his contribution to the Sectoral debate in Parliament on Wednesday (July 22), announced that a wireless broadband licence has been issued to Digicel that would provide wider choices to a greater number of consumers. Government is also offering two wireless cable licences to facilitate greater choices to consumers.
Mr. Vaz noted that the mobile phone has become the most phenomenally successful access device spanning all social and economic strata. With the introduction of the new wireless-based services, users will literally be able to carry their business in their pockets through the cell phone. The new services he said, would allow users to access their e-mail, internet, converse, watch television and movies, engage in video conferences, record videos and remotely monitor activities in their offices or from their homes.
Mr. Vaz said the Information and Telecommunications Policy is to be presented to the Parliament shortly. This would help to build confidence around the use of mobile applications, provide the environment for persons to seize new opportunities and allow service providers and regulators, the platform on which to institute measures that enhance security and mitigate breaches.

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