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New documents that are needed to ensure that companies meet the requirements of the new Companies Act of 2004, will be available at the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) as of December 22.
According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Registrar, Judith Ramlogan-Chong, the documents would include the Articles of Incorporation for new companies, and the document stating the classes of shares being issued by the company (applicable only in cases where more than one class of shares is being issued).
There will also be the Registered Office Notice (notice of the address of the registered office of the company), Notice of Appointment of Company Secretary, and application for ORC certification that a public company has met the minimum capitalisation requirement.
Companies will also be required to indicate whether or not they will continue using the par or nominal value for shares during the first six months of 2005.Mrs. Ramlogan-Chong pointed out to JIS News that after January 1, 2005, the date for the implementation of the new Act, forms used under the previous legislation would no longer be accepted for registration at the ORC.
As a result, a transitional period facilitated by the current ORC amnesty would afford businesses the opportunity to

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