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New Contractor General, Greg Christie, has pledged to carry out his new task with “unbridled integrity, impartiality, transparency, and forthrightness” noting that, “high ethical conduct would be the moral cornerstone of the office of the Contractor General during my tenure”.
Mr. Christie, who was sworn into office by Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke at King’s House this morning (Nov.30), assured that he had taken his oath with solemnity and deep sincerity and would “faithfully and scrupulously uphold at all times the interest of Jamaica and its people in the day to day discharge of my functions as Contractor General”.
He further expressed gratitude for the confidence reposed in him, stating that he accepted the appointment with great humility. ” I am privileged and honoured to have been asked to serve my country in this most important capacity,” Mr. Christie said.
The new Contractor General, who replaces Derrick McKoy, will take up office tomorrow (December 1). Sir Howard, who presented the instruments of authority to Mr. Christie, said the new appointee had a reputation for hard work and for making sure that “everything goes right”.
“We have heard of your good work not only in this country. but elsewhere in the world. You have the capacity and the integrity, the goodwill and the uprightness necessary for this job,” the Governor General stated.
An attorney-at-law, Mr. Christie was previously vice-president and assistant general counsel with the Global Commodities Business Unit of the Kaiser Aluminium and Chemical Corporation in Florida. He has also lectured full-time for 10 years at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Law Faculty in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad.
Under the provisions of the Contractor General Act, the Contractor General is authorized to monitor the grant, issue, suspension or revocation of certain licences and similar documents issued or granted by a public body or an officer thereof.
The Contractor General may, if he considers it necessary or desirable, conduct an investigation into any or all of the following matters: the registration of contractors; tender procedures relating to contracts awarded by public bodies; the award of any government contract; the implementation of the terms of any government contract; the circumstances of the grant, issue, use, suspension or revocation of any prescribed licence; the practice and procedures relating to the grant, issue, suspension or revocation of prescribed licences.
The Contractor-General may adopt whatever procedure he considers appropriate to the circumstances of a, particular case and, subject to the provisions of the Act, may obtain information from such person and in such manner and make such enquiries as he thinks fit.