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The staff and students of Grove Town Primary School in South Manchester have received a new computer laboratory made possible through a combination of donations from past students and fund-raising ventures.
The computer laboratory, which was named, ‘The Dynesdal Wint Computer Lab’ after the main benefactor to the facility, was declared officially open on November 27.
Dynesdal Wint, a past student of the school and currently a laboratory administrator at a medical centre in New York in the United States donated 12 computers to the institution.
Principal of the school, Smeadly Reid, said that the establishment of the computer laboratory was conceptualized with an initial donation of US$150.00 from past students. This initial sum was used to purchase construction materials.
He stated that with the aid of fund-raising activities, more construction material was procured and construction of the building was completed some two months ago.
“We are very well aware that computer literacy is a necessary tool for learning enhancement but also that it is an enabler to gain access to the various opportunities in today’s world…I am happy to report that we have nine working computers in our new facility to add value to the lives of our students and to enhance content delivery,” he said.
Mr. Reid added that as of January 2009, the use of the facility will be extended to the wider community so that residents who wish to broaden their horizons can do so by becoming computer literate.
Principal of Cross Keys High School, Ralph Nelson in his address said that the opening of the computer lab was made possible because of the advancement of technology and encouraged parents to learn the principles of information technology from their children, as the computer has become the most widely accepted tool for transmitting, disseminating, and accessing information.
He emphasised the importance of unification amongst schools within South Manchester in the teaching/learning process in order to create students and subsequently future leaders of the highest quality. The school has a population of over 390 students.

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