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The new Angels River Bridge in Frankfield, Clarendon, was officially opened on October 22, by Transport and Works Minister, Honourable Mike Henry.
The structure was built within the budget of approximately US$1.341 million (J$116 million), and on time.
At the opening ceremony, Mr. Henry emphasised that the new bridge would serve well in the economic development of the area.
“The old bridge was in an advanced stage of dilapidation, and due to the economic situation of the region, there was a great demand for replacing the old structure, as the alternative route was 22 kilometres longer,” he noted.
Mr. Henry pointed out that the bridge was built to accommodate two lanes of traffic, instead of the one lane that previously obtained, and that there are sidewalks for pedestrians on both sides of the bridge. He added that the new bridge is the fourth to be completed in the last two weeks.
“Travel and transportation are very critical to economic development. It is certainly critical to the empowerment of our young people, both in urban and rural settings; hence it is noteworthy that those bridges are located in deep rural communities,” Mr. Henry said.
The Minister said that in the second half of 2010, the Ministry intends to start the rehabilitation of the May Pen to Trout Hall main road, in Clarendon, as funding is already in place.
“There are some 30 kilometres of road to be repaired, and we will also do the bridge at Cupis. All of that will further shorten by 15 minutes, the drive to May Pen,” pointed out.
He called on the residents of Frankfield to help protect the bridge from unscrupulous persons who might want to remove the metal and sell it to the scrap metal dealers.
“What we build must be protected. What we build must be able to serve the community and the young generation. It is your responsibility to help us to protect this, because it is the taxpayers money that is used to build these bridges and it is the taxpayers who have to replace them,” he said.
Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon, Mr. Michael Stern, thanked the Ministry and the National Works Agency, which was responsible for overseeing the construction of the bridge.
“Frankfield is a small community in Clarendon, but a very vital one. It links May Pen to the east with Spaldings and Westmoreland to the west, and this is a major thoroughfare if you are going to Mandeville and you are in between May Pen and Spaldings. Frankfield needs this bridge and it will be here for years to come,” he said.

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