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Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, says the new Anti-Litter Act is to be tabled in Parliament by year end.

Speaking with JIS News, Minister McKenzie said the process is being expedited to get the Act approved, so as to minimise the illegal disposal of waste.

The amendments to the law were recommended by Cabinet and will be resubmitted to the executive group within another four weeks, for final approval.

Mr. McKenzie said after Cabinet’s approval, the draft will be sent to the Legislative Committee.

He told JIS News that the new Anti-Litter Act will impose stronger penalties, including higher fines, for illegal dumping.

“There are existing laws presently on the books that actually govern that, but the fines associated are not punitive. These are archaic fines that don’t really prevent illegal disposal of waste,” the Minister said.

Mr. McKenzie said that as a country, “we shouldn’t be legislating for people to understand that if you do certain things, it is to the detriment, not just to others, but also to your family”.

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