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Minister with responsibility for Information, Daryl Vaz told Parliament yesterday (Feb 24) that the National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA) is implementing a waste management programme which will address the practice of illegal dumping in the Kingston Harbour.
He said the initiative is being implemented in four phases:The Preliminary Review of existing information on the Kingston Harbour.The assessment of Private sector entities and follow-up actions.Addressing the impact on Public sector stakeholders.The remediation of the Harbour.
The Information Minister explained that NEPA has been taking several measures. “They assess the status of compliance of facilities that had obtained environmental permits, identify environmental breaches, highlight areas of non-compliance detected at the facilities for follow-up action and take enforcement action where necessary, require facilities that operate without an environmental licence to satisfy the regulatory requirement.”
Mr. Vaz said for sustainability, there is continuous monitoring of the facilities to ensure that the breaches detected are repaired and the environmental standards maintained.
He added that NEPA has initiated discussions with the public sector entities that impact or are likely to impact the Harbour. It has already met with the National Solid Waste Management Authority and intends to
continue its engagement with other relevant public sector stakeholders.
In the development of an integrated approach to manage solid waste through watershed management programmes, Minister Vaz said NEPA intends to partner with other agencies of government and stakeholders to eradicate the scourge of illegal dumping and improper waste disposal practices.
The Information Minister was responding to questions asked by Opposition Member of Parliament, Ronald Thwaites.

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