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The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) has launched the ‘Jamaica Beach Guide’, a webpage designed to provide information on the various public beaches across the island.

The webpage, located on NEPA’s website at www.nepa.gov.jm provides a list and quick facts about the featured beaches.

“We have documented 87 public beaches across the island, and we are working to increase the numbers on the list,” said Beaches Coordinator at NEPA, Chalene Roye-Myrie.

“So it is about making the public aware of these beaches; you may see what they look like, the facilities and amenities, the distance from your location… all these things can be found on the webpage,” she noted further.

To find information on the beaches, persons can click on the ‘List of Beaches’ link, then search by parish or beach name, or click on the beach’s name on the interactive map on the home page.

Mrs Roye-Myrie said if there is a beach that does not appear on the guide that persons want to have listed, they are welcome to submit the information to NEPA.

“This information will then be verified and added to our database as we endeavour to document all public beaches on the island,” she informed.

The ‘Jamaica Beach Guide’ home page also gives information on the Adopt A Beach and Beach Clean-up initiatives spearheaded by NEPA.

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