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Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, has stressed the importance of social intervention, combined with hard policing tactics, in stamping out crime.

“We have to have a mixture of tough love and programmes, which express and expose care and nurturing and guidance, because that is the only way we can break the back of this monster…I talk about hardcore police action, but I also make the statement that hard core policing is never enough – it has to be accompanied by community intervention, social intervention,” Senator Nelson stated.

He was speaking at the launch of the Ministry of Education’s School Security and Safety Month 2011 on Thursday (March 3) at Jamaica House.

Minister Nelson said that like other parts of the world, school violence has become a serious problem in Jamaica and pledged his Ministry’s continued commitment to support the Education Ministry in seeking to put a lid on the scourge. He noted that positive results are being seen through the security and safety programme.

Minister Nelson said that the theme for the month ‘School Security and Safety is Everybody’s Business’ “rings very true (and) I urge us all to continue to work towards achieving this end, not simply for the betterment of our children in schools (but) most importantly, for the betterment of our country.”

Statistics indicate that there are 109 juveniles between ages 13 and 17 years in police lock-ups up to the end of February. There are a total of 341 juveniles in the correctional system (prisons and places of safety).

Under the MoE’s Security and Safety Programme, four manuals have been introduced in schools, with the main one being the security and safety guidelines and minimum standards, which speaks to the promotion of a culture of security and safety in schools.

The other manuals include: the guidelines for the management of hazardous materials and equipment; the disposal of hazardous waste; safety guidelines for contact sports; and the critical incidence management plan for a safe school environment.



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