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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has told the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the Lord Bishop of Jamaica, Alfred Reid that his government is open to having Churches manage public schools and select their own teaching staff. He was receiving the churchmen who visited him this morning (May 8) at Jamaica House.
The Prime Minister, a confirmed Anglican who was educated in church schools, was informed by Archbishop Williams said that his Church was on target with a ten-year plan to build 100 secondary schools in a decade. Archbishop Reid noted that the Anglican Church in Jamaica was focused on bringing back discipline into their eleven secondary schools. They were also concerned about improving infrastructure in the church’s 80 early childhood institutions and 200 primary level schools.
Touching on the sex education, the Archbishop noted that introducing the ethics and morals of sexual relationships should be integrated along with the biology and sociology of the topic.
Both Archbishops noted that one of the most influential and effective groups in the Anglican Community was the Mother’s Union as it did good work in education and health. The Archbishop is attending a worldwide triennial conference of the Anglican Church that is being attended by delegates from 50 countries.

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