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Consultant to the Minister of Education, Robert Miller, has called on students of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) to reach out and provide service to the wider community.
“When we give service, we are making connections with ourselves, and the communities in which we live and operate,” he stated.
Mr. Miller was addressing the first meeting of the NCU’s United Students Movement (USM) for the new academic year, held on Saturday (Sept. 5) at the institution’s main campus in Mandeville.
According to Mr. Miller, the community is one of the NCU’s main stakeholders and should feel the institution’s presence through its outreach programmes.
“Encourage and motivate the students as to the value of volunteerism and make an impact on the community,” he urged, while encouraging the USM to speak out against corruption and immorality in the society.
In the meantime, he called on the group to provide quality leadership to the student body. “You must be able to engage your student body through your vision and present a plan that will accomplish that vision,” he stated.
“We need to bring out a leadership style that will uplift for a better tomorrow, and work with the people,” Mr. Miller added.
The USM represents students’ interests on campus. It assists in the promotion of the ideals and objectives of the university and co-ordinates a number of activities and services, including sporting activities, which serve as an important link among the university administration, faculty and staff, and the students.
All students are voting members of the USM, and are eligible to take advantage of the opportunities the movement provides.

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