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The Science Department, at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), in Manchester, received a major boost recently with a donation of US$40,000 from Versacare Incorporated, which was used to purchase equipment.
Associate Professor at the NCU’s College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Dr. Samson Omoregie, told JIS News, that the equipment bought by the Department, would help in fighting many medical problems, and add to the institution’s research capability.
“Equipment acquisition will help a lot to garner more interest from incoming students in this area of science. This is what pushes a university forward – the ability to conduct research that will impact the lives of people. And this country needs a lot of research to help in improving the lives of the common man,” he said.
Among the equipment acquired are: nine microscopes, four centrifuges, three blood cell counters; one corning stirrer, four electrophoresis power supply units, one Bacti-Cinerator, one water quality kit, two DNA Restriction Analysis Kits, one mitochondrial DNA Extraction kit and one Tuttnauer Autoclave machine.
Versacare Incorporated, was set up by Seventh Day Adventist lay persons, to serve humanity, through different social outreach programmes.

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