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Professor of History at Mandeville-based Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Dr. Iverlin Kennedy-McKenzie, has said that men who care and give active support to their children, were keeping the society stable and maintaining a culture that needs to be protected.
She was giving the keynote address at a function to mark the first anniversary of Young Women of Purpose (Y-WoP) held at Neil’s Auditorium, Mandeville on Sunday (June 13), at which a number of fathers and organisations, as well as individuals who sponsored their work during the year, were recognised.
She said that when both mother and father are functioning harmoniously, the impact on the lives of their children is positive beyond measure.

Founder of Young Women of Purpose (Y-WoP), Lanisia Rhoden, addressing their first anniversary event at Neil’s Auditorium, Mandeville, on Sunday (June 13).

“I know fathers that you have discovered by now that there is more to fatherhood than having children. There is a difference in the life of any child whose father is present and actively engaging, and the father who is physically and, or emotionally absent. The instances where fathers are not present and engaging, in this liberal age, have devastating consequences on the strength of individuals, families, and nations,” she stated.
Stressing that the community and the child received tremendous benefits when fathers were involved in the growing up of children, the NCU Professor noted that mothers needed emotional support during their body changing period, and that finance was not enough for children when they were in their growing stage.
“Without a support the system, or the capacity to function with the demands of fatherhood, some biological fathers forget, or simply do not know, that their greatest legacy to the world is a well ordered family,” she said.
“Children should not go to school to learn behaviour; teach them how to behave at home. Do not expect schools to raise your children, you must raise them. Teach them the value of love and supportive relationships, and leave the legacy of self respect, respect for others and for them to be responsible, and fortify them for the future,” the Professor stated.
Founder of Y-WoP, Lanisia Rhoden, felt that a father’s role was even more important in the lives of girls.
“Many young ladies don’t have the support of their fathers and, if we can highlight the good fathers, it will motivate them to help their daughters to become better young ladies,” Miss Rhoden told JIS News.